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Practice alert - Covid Sympytoms; Testing; Face covering exemptions Posted on 19 Sep 2020


If you have a new continuous cough, fever 37.8 C or more, or change in taste or smell, as per public health guidance, this is asssumed to be COVID. You must isolate for 10 days from onset of symptoms until swab determines a negative results. The household members must isolate for 14 days, unless they develop the symptoms mentioned above in which case they will need to isolate for 10 days from the onset of these symptoms.


We are aware of the severe problems nationwide in obtaining COVID tests. Unfortunately we do not have access to these tests, either for our staff or our patients, and we are not able to help you obtain one. Please do not call us to ask; this risks overloading our telephone lines. Please continue to visit to book a test, or call 119.


You do not requre confirmation from a GP if you feel you need to be exempt from wearing a face mask. We cannot provide exemption letters or certificates. Please visit for guidance.




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